I'm Gillen McAllister. I've worked as a professional writer for ten years in London across a multitude of print titles and digital sites.

I spent five years as part of the editorial team for The Official Xbox 360 Magazine at Future Publishing, then nearly the same time span heading the UK operations of Gamereactor as Editor-in-Chief, looking after the daily running of the website and production of its print magazine and iPad Editions, as well as presenting numerous live shows and conducting video interviews.

The past six months I handled clients such as Disney (Marvel), 20th Century Fox (Deadpool) and Diageo (Haig Club and #LoveScotch) in my role as Senior Content Editor for creative agency Ai. In that time I also helped out on Eon Production's 007 website in the wake of Spectre's cinema release, as well as help support the launch of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Between my full time jobs I've written for Picturehouse, Star Wars Adventures, Metal Hammer, SFX, Official Nintendo Magazine and C&VG. I also work as a photographer covering UK events and live music, as well as travel.